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The new Heintzman factory currently located in Beijing was established in August 1989.

The Heintzman Piano Company is a totally independent joint-venture company owned by Chinese and Canadian shareholders. There are two divisions and two production lines. The China team is responsible for all domestic sales in China. The international team is responsible for all international sales which cover over 6 different countries and growing rapidly around the world and its headquarters are based in Vancouver, Canada.

The Canadian legend continues in China. The first year Canadian Heintzman pianos were introduced to the Chinese, there was overwhelming sales growth, over 100% each year. The first factory was not equipped to keep up the supply. In order to fulfill the high demand but preserve the highest quality possible, a brand new state of the art Heintzman Factory was decided upon. Since the summer of 2005 Heintzman pianos have been manufactured at the new plant located in Beijing China.

Factory building Exterior Main office Interior

In order to continue the legendary legacy of Heintzman, the original drawings, scale designs and production equipment of the original Canadian Heintzman Piano Factory were purchased and are utilized by the new Heintzman Piano Co Ltd in China today. Heintzman is also employing state of the art technology and adding improvements by importing the best in the world components to enhance today's new Heintzman.

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