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Renner Action

Renner began production of piano mechanism in 1882. For the most part totally hand-crafted, but by 1911 more and more machines found their way into the production process.

Five thousand seven hundred sections and small parts, springs and strips have to be put together for one single piano mechanism. German precision and the most modern machinery ensure the highest possible standard of precision and reliability of the individual sections. Because of their fine reputation Renner actions are used throughout the world by the finest piano manufacturers.

Renner Hammers

The Heintzman Renner Blue Hammer is crafted from the world��s finest virgin felt. World renowned Renner Hammer and Heintzman Pianos partners in Quality.

The modern piano hammer, like the piano itself, is a nineteenth-century invention with the design essentially the same as it was one hundred years ago. Renner was supplying hammers to the world's foremost piano manufacturers then and still continues today.

Different styles of pianos require different types of hammers. Renner uses the world's finest felt that does not contain any chemicals, lacquers or other artificial hardeners or reinforcing agents. Underfelt that is used is a special grade of underfelt in an exclusive process that allows different pressure levels to be applied throughout the entire process of pressing both the top felt and the underfelt. The moldings are made from the same type of wood species used over a hundred years ago.

No staples are used. Superior glues and modern manufacturing techniques have eliminated the need for staples resulting in a superior tone and a more responsive action.

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