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Reinforced Structure

The beams of the grand pianos are made of top quality solid beech wood. The poured cast grey iron plate stabilizes the over 20 tons of string tension.



Unique Heintzman Soundboard design and back Posts

The soundboard on Heintzman piano has high quality ribs notched to its edge and the unique Heintzman Accousta Bars help to eliminate undesirable overtones and allow longer sustain. The Six back post structure is made of beech wood on most upright models. These are designed to increase the piano��s stability.


Silent function help you practice quietly

Easy to use - Silent Switch system on the left bottom key bed is standard in all uprights. Perfect muting for practising or playing quietly in a small area.



Bass Sustain Pedals

All Heintzman��s have three pedals that initiate the soft function, bass sustain and full sustain. These three functions are standard in all upright models.

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